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The Product

Airtrac is an environmentally friendly eaves ventilator that allows for the 'higher insulation' requirement of the new building regulations.

Designed to allow maximum ventilation using innovative new design features, our eaves ventilator product meets all the requirements of the new Part L Building Regulations. It is easy to install and costs no more than some inferior products currently available.

Airtrac Eaves Ventilation

The Problems

Many eaves ventilators currently available are not fitted in the correct position, which either blocks the ventilation path into the roof void or prohibits the ceiling insulation being carried over the wall plate. This causes a cold bridge in the most vulnerable part of the building and therefore fails to comply with the latest regulations, with subsequent cost and environmental implications.

Eaves Ventilator in Place with Insulation
  • The importance of the regulations are not always understood
  • Products that were designed years ago are not adequate for current insulation standards.
  • Cold bridges are formed in the most vulnerable part of the building.
  • Ventilation path to the roof void is blocked.
  • Many products currently available are flimsy and do not give adequate performance. They are often installed incorrectly.
  • A number of current eaves ventilators fail to direct the ceiling insulation.

In order to meet Code 3 requirements of 2011 building regulations, we have developed the Airtrac 400 rafter tray. This tray will accommodate 400mm loft insulation as shown here.

The Airtrac Eaves Ventilator for Roofing
Rafter Tray