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Global Warming is a worldwide problem!

The Airtrac Rafter Tray can have a positive effect in reducing energy waste. The Airtrac Tray can have a significant effect on heat loss and as a consequence save millions of litres of fuel.

Failure to comply with the regulations will result in the very problems they were designed to prevent

The Result

Cost to the home owner
Cost to the Builder
Condensation in the roof void
Claims against the NHBC
Environmental Impact

Heat loss and energy wasted through a cold bridge will be a huge cost to the home owner. On an average semi-detached house the cold bridge is approximately 6 square metres. This is equivalent to roughly 15% of the total roof area. The loss of heat through such a large area equates to millions of litres of heating oil every year. This is an enormous waste of fossil fuels that can be prevented easily and cheaply using the Airtrac rafter tray.